TorchGamesVR is creating immersive virtual reality games for patients on the autism spectrum and their families. 

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"Imagine the feeling of actually practicing social and communication skills in a virtual space - Using your senses to learn with sight, sound and touch! Virtual Reality is a new world of discovery for special needs students in education."  - Inina Goldenberg, Clinical Director, ASD Achievers Consulting

"The system is broken and backlogged. 
A VR game that teaches ABA principles would be a big step towards solving this problem." 
- Lindsey Malc, Senior Behaviour Therapist

"I wish I could practice ABA at home with a fun game." - Max R., Student with ASD

"It would help the entire family if my daughter could practice ABA at home using VR. There would be so much less stress around travel and time management."
                                                                   - Susan W., Parent of Child with ASD‚Äč
                                                                                - ABA Certified Therapist


Virtual Reality (VR)

Using immersive virtual reality and game analytics, TorchGamesVR will help children on the autistic spectrum and their families. This cost-effective educational game is incorporating social learning and behavioral therapy principles.  Provider dashboard will enable parents and therapists to monitor student progress and enhance social learning for patients awaiting diagnosis and treatment.

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